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'''Louis Armstrong''' (August 4, 1901 – July 6, 1971),Armstrong said he was not sure exactly when he was born, but celebrated his birthday on July 4. He usually gave the year as 1900 when speaking in public (although he used 1901 on his Social Security and other papers filed with the government). Using Roman Catholic Church documents from when his grandmother took him to be baptized, New Orleans music researcher Tad Jones established Armstrong's actual date of birth as August 4, 1901. With various other pieces of collaborative evidence, this date is now accepted by Armstrong scholars. See also ''age fabrication''. Armstrong had no middle name, but a 1949 ''Time (magazine)|Time'' magazine profile gave him the middle name of Daniel. The census and baptismal records confirms he had no middle name. nicknamed '''Satchmo'''For "satchel-mouth." or '''Pops''', was an American jazz trumpeter, composer and singer who became one...
Birth name| birth_date = {{birth date|1901|8|4}}
Death date{{death date and age|1971|7|6|1901|8|4}}
InstrumentTrumpet, cornet, Singing|vocals
GenreDixieland, jazz, Swing music|swing, traditional pop
Years activec. 1914–1971
Label| associated_acts = Joe "King" Oliver, Ella Fitzgerald, Kid Ory, Jack Teagarden
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